Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers visitors a remarkable combination of experiences in one compact destination. Amongst its many attractions are 8 World Heritage Sites, 1,330 km of coastline including many pristine beaches, 15 wildlife parks, vast areas of tea plantations and a culture that has evolved over 2,500 years.

Within the island’s “Cultural Triangle” there are the Dambulla Rock Temple complex with its massive 15 metre reclining Buddha, the Temple of the (Buddha’s) Tooth near Kandy and the Lion Rock Fortress, which towers above the jungle floor at Sigiriya.

One of the world’s largest tea producers, plantations abound carpeting the landscape with a rich green tapestry. The superb Horton Plains National Park in the central highlands provides a wildlife habitat for multitudes of flora, fauna and birdlife.

An island jewel in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has many idyllic palm-fringed beaches where you can relax and recharge on golden sand lapped by the azure ocean.

Sri Lanka is a year round destination with generally good weather but the country has two annual monsoons that affect different parts of the country at different times of the year. The driest (and best) seasons in Sri Lanka are from December to March for the west coast, the south coast and the hill country, and from April to September for the ancient cities region and the east coast.

Whether you wish a holiday to Sri Lanka on its own or combined with India, the balance of your itinerary’s content can be tailored to your personal desires. We will be pleased to discuss with you and formulate a program. Please go through the suggested itineraries or contact us if you have questions or ideas you would like to discuss.