Baghvan-A Taj Safari Lodge, Pench Tiger Reserve

Baghvan-A Taj Safari Lodge, Pench National Park

Named after the king of India’s jungles, the regal Bengal tiger (“bagh” = tiger, “van” = garden), The lodge is located by a lovely seasonal stream, surrounded by forest, on the edge of the sprawling Pench National Park.
Its spacious, rustic standalone suites and airy guest areas make a wondrous starting point for your journey into the wild.

This unique wildlife experience is complemented by luxurious accommodations air conditioned bungalows with private shaded sit-outs, an outdoor shower and a romantic rooftop sleep-out on a private machan (jungle platform). The machan is protected with a mosquito net, refreshed with an overhead fan.

Different dishes are introduced at each meal, offering a range of mouth-watering culinary experiences.
Dine on the deck overlooking the dry riverbed), a favoured route of the Pench tigers, or have your meal brought to your machan so you can dine in the privacy of your own suite. Picnics can also be ready-made for an outing to Khoka Lake.

The Taj Safari Lodge in Baghvan has a delightful infinity pool shaded by trees and overlooking the forest. A tiny cottage across the safari shop houses a small library, computer and a television for guests, with the adjacent room being a tasteful serene space for massage treatments.

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