Anantya Resort Chittar, Chittar Lake

Anantya Resort Chittar, Chittar Lake

Anantya’s design is inspired by ethics of minimalism, eco friendliness and trueness of materials. The resort has been designed to leave a minimal eco footprint by using reconditioned tiles and stone pillars, locally procured rubble and brick, sewage treatment and water harvesting, contour constructions and many other techniques.

Anantya features 31 lake-facing cottages and villas in 6 categories based on natural themes like five elements of nature, Yoga Chakras and Five promises etc.

Each cottage & villa offering something special to the discerning traveller. The villas seamlessly blend the outdoors and the indoors to create a refined space to retreat and relax.

The dining experiences are unforgettable here with different venues.

Svaad- Serves Pan-Indian menu with a smattering of International dishes.

Lakeside Picnic- A good opportunity to dine in harmony with nature.

Private Dining- To celebrate special occasions.

Soma Bar- Located on the first floor and provides magnificent panoramic views of the water

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