River Cruises in India are more spectacular for travellers with an opportunity to witness the amazing geography of the region. One can cover a vast landscape in comfort and safety and explore the real India well off the beaten track.

While sailing it is fascinating to watch day-to-day life of villagers working in the farms, taking a dip in the river and offering their rituals.  It’s a great opportunity to meet locals to understand their culture and traditions.

THE VESSELS Charaidew and Sukapha have 12 roomy double cabins with en-suite facilities, complimented by salon, dining room, bar and sun decks. Rajmahal with 22 cabins is designed for water levels on the Ganges and Hugli rivers. Fine service, tasty cuisine and comfortable furnishings ensure a relaxing journey while India passes by.

Assam Cruises: The mighty river Brahmaputra cruises feature visits and attractions such as wildlife viewing, village walks, visits to tea gardens, exploring country towns in cycle rickshaws, barbecues on deserted river islands, dance performances, and visits to craft workshops.

Hugli & Ganges Cruises: Ganges and Hugli cruises can be taken separately or together to offer a choice of durations from 7 to 21 nights. Ganges and Hugli cruises upstream from Kolkata are all about visits to villages, towns, temples and monuments in a little-known but fascinating and culturally rich part of India, on foot, by cycle rickshaw or minibus. The Sonepur Cattle Fair, on the banks of the Ganges in rural Bihar, is one of India’s great-undiscovered spectacles.


The backwaters of Kerala are made up of over 900 km of interconnected waterways, rivers, lakes and inlets. The backwaters of Kerala are marked by a unique ecosystem wherein lagoons, lakes, canals, estuaries and deltas of several rivers meet the Arabian Sea.

The leisurely cruise along the famous backwaters of Kerala gives one a firsthand experience of the village life style in the state and its rustic activities like coir-making and prawn farming. You cannot miss the breathtaking view of the water, land, birds and human habitation on the water side, coexisting peacefully.

The most frequented backwater destinations of India are Alapuzzha, Kumarakom, Alapuzzha is often referred to as the Venice of East. In the heart of the backwaters of Alappuzha lies Kuttanad that is referred to as the rice bowl of Kerala owing to the enormous growth of paddy crops.

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