Pench National Park became the 19th Project Tiger Reserve in 1992. The Park nestles in the Southern slopes of the Satpura Hills in central India. The park is rich in wildlife, with its fine habitats dominated by fairly open canopy mixed forests with considerable shrub cover and open grassy patches. The undulating topography supports a mosaic of vegetation ranging from moist, sheltered valleys to open, dry deciduous forest.

Madhya Pradesh
Game drives by Jeep
The park is home to 39 species of mammals including Tigers and Leopards. 13 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians and over 170 varieties of birds have already been listed.


Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Jamtara is the latest offering in Pench, offering just 12 luxury tents, the camp spreads across 4 acres of unfenced land with a seasonal river running through and overlooks the buffer zone area and farm lands, setting the backdrop for a perfect jungle experience. The stylish tented lodging aims to bring in the
lightness and airiness of the nature into the rooms. Decorated in colonial safari style the spacious rooms
offer a warm welcome after your intensive jungle safaris and activities. Care has been taken to match
the service level to your wildlife experience here and hence the local staff and naturalists have been
handpicked for their knowledge, friendliness and trained to be unobtrusive yet detailed in service.

Taj Safari Lodge Baghvan

Named after the king of India's jungles, the regal Bengal tiger (“bagh” = tiger, “van” = garden), The lodge is located by a lovely stream, surrounded by forest, on the edge of the sprawling Pench National Park.
Its spacious, rustic standalone suites and airy guest areas make a wondrous starting point for your journey into the wild.
This unique wildlife experience is complemented by luxurious accommodations air conditioned bungalows withprivate shaded sit-outs, an outdoor shower and a romantic rooftop sleep-out on a private machan (jungle platform). The machan is protected with a mosquito net, refreshed with an overhead fan.
Different dishes are introduced at each meal, offering a range of mouthwatering culinary experiences. Dine on the deck overlooking the dry riverbed), a favoured route of the Pench tigers, or have your meal brought to your machan so you can dine in the privacy of your own suite. Picnics can also be ready-made for an outing to Khoka Lake.

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