Mary Budden Estate

Mary Budden Estate, a 19th century esthetically renovated heritage home nestled within the serene, unspoilt and secluded Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. This is perfect retreat for nature lovers who like to be surrounded by elegance beauty and greenery.

Named in memory of its last known inhabitant in the 19th century, Ms. Mary Budden, who was the daughter of the Reverend John Henry Budden, who in 1850 was appointed by Captain Ramsay of the British government to run a charitable mission in the Kumaon Hills. Now this 5 acres estate belongs to Serena and Dr. Ashwani Chopra . Serena is practicing Buddhist and an accomplished photographer.

All 7-cottage suites are furnished with artist’s eye in detail. This typical English cottage offers spacious suites with large bathrooms; quality furniture and rugs enhance the ambience and luxury. The spacious lounge cum drawing rooms in each of the cottages are lovely areas to relax and unwind.

The food is served in designated dining rooms however weather permitting there are many options for outdoor dining. Meals served are Indian, continental and World cuisine prepared by the trained cooks who are working with the family for years.

The Binsar sanctuary encloses an area of 47.04 sq kms. The sanctuary serves as a home for leopards, ghorals, wild boar, kakars, monkeys, Indian red fox, jackals, pine martens, Himalayan black bears, and porcupines. In addition to this, it also houses more than 200 species of birds that are of both resident and migratory.

LOCATION : Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand

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