Raj Niwas Palace

Tucked away in the quiet town of Dholpur lies the charming Dholpur Palace, also known as the Raj Niwas Palace. Once home to generations of Royals, this converted palace still reflects the magnificence of the Rajasthani architecture of that era. Experience this spectacular edifice of the Palace, known for its Red colour Sandstone rather than precious stones. With vibrant history and a rich heritage, today it beckons the rulers of the time, to a mesmerizing journey back in time.

The Royal Palace Rooms are not only large enough to cause exhaustion simply walking from bed to wardrobe, but every square inch is covered with ceramic tiles with a fish and water motif, glazed in cobalt’s and ochre’s. The 08 Royal Palace Rooms and 18 Luxury Villas, interiors are inspired by the traditional design themes. Within these luxurious surroundings, all modern amenities are offered to the guests.

Separate dining space overlooking the lush green manicured gardens where you can comfortably have your meals. Multi-cuisine restaurant also arranges for candle light dinners on the pool side in complete privacy. Local produce is bought for the kitchens. Restoration and maintenance of the work is often entrusted to local skills. The Raj Niwas family encourages education and assists with healthcare. They build & support the faith of the people.

Being a little heritage town—apart from an ancient complex of temples, a step well and the ruins of Shergarh, many little gems from the past are to be found tucked away. National Chambal Sanctuary which is a 400 km protected stretch of the river,a safari takes you on a four-hour ride down the River Chambal, drifting past gharials basking on the sandbanks, marsh crocodiles and turtles sunning themselves on the rocks and a wealth of birds fluttering around.

LOCATION: Dholpur, Rajasthan

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