Chanoud Garh

Dreamingly grazing at the wooded Aravallis stands the palace of Chanoud Garh. It's unperturbed by the fast-changing world; knowing that its ramparts are strong enough to keep any sandstorm of change from threatening what it has preserved within. Every bit of the palace has been carefully preserved to lead you back to the era of the gallant rulers. With a little imagination, you can see the age-old palace welcoming you into the folds of royalty with its hands folded, saying "Padharo" (means welcome).

There are seven meticulously renovated spacious deluxe suites for you to choose from. No two suites are alike; each furnished aesthetically keeping the feel and the sensibility of the area and local tradition. Chanoud Garh offers the most modern of amenities that are masterfully hidden into its authentic interiors.

You could take in a sunrise on the banks of the tranquil Chanoud Lake Or could drive out into the open fields or visit to the salt lake. No trip to Chanoud is complete without meeting its village folk and its colorful Rabaris or shepherds. A couple of hours with them and you'll realize that their conversations are as colorful as they are.

At Chanoud Garh, dining as always been treated as a feast for the senses. A tradition carried forward even today with the Moti Mahal, Khelikhana and the Janana Mahal Chown; three unique dining experiences that'll try to tempt you away from the meal itself. Try, but seldom succeed. The palace kitchen takes great pains in ensuring that your every meal is very authentic and befitting royalty. Especially, since there is a chance that you could be at the same table with Thakur Ajeet Singh ji himself, sharing the meal and many conversations.

Location : Pali district of Rajsthan

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